Locate the G-Spot to Give Her More Pleasure

Husbands, learn how to locate the g-spot and you may help your wife experience an intense feeling of sexual pleasure she’s never felt before!

A German gynecologist, Ernest Grafenberg, described this area found in the female genitals in the 1940’s. Over the years, it has been a rather hotly contested phenomenon! Many doctors doubted whether this elusive area even existed! Unlike a man’s sexual organ (aka penis) that doubles as part of the elimination system, a woman’s sexual organs (clitoris, and g-spot) have no other function. In other words, God gave women these organs for one reason and one reason only—for sexual pleasure.

That being the case, isn’t it interesting that sex is often thought of as being for husbands—and wives, well, they put up with sex because they love their husbands. Everyone knows sex is really just for men’s enjoyment…actually, no. God designed women to have a greater orgasmic potential than men!

Where to Locate the G-Spot?
In actual fact, the g-spot is an area two or three inches inside the vagina on the front wall, closest to the clitoris or pubic bone.

The g-spot becomes engorged with blood during foreplay—and so appropriate time needs to be spent on foreplay. The area itself, sometimes referred to as the urethral sponge, or Skene’s glands feels like a very subtle bump 2 or 3 inches inside the top of the vagina, about 1 to 2 inches in diameter.

After much foreplay, the g-spot will be enlarged somewhat; place your finger on your wife’s g-spot and massage firmly, increasing pressure. This area does not respond to light touching but only to deep massage.

Some women experience a feeling of needing to urinate at this point. Allow the feeling to continue knowing that, as tension builds up, the feeling will diminish and disappear. Continued deep, hard massage will likely trigger a vaginal orgasm—which is often accompanied by female ejaculation. Yes—female ejaculation!

If this g-spot orgasm doesn’t easily happen, continue with clitoral stimulation. With the stimulation of the g-spot that has taken place, female ejaculation may likely still occur.

Female ejaculation is highly pleasurable—and it is not urine! After the contractions are over, the husband should wait 20 seconds or so, and then continue firm massaging of the g-spot to produce multiple orgasms!

Why not talk to your spouse about trying to locate the g-spot tonight?