Lean Towards, Not Away

Lean Towards, Not Away

Here is basic but, oh, so important advice to help you and your spouse stay close and intimate with one another:  Always lean towards one another!
The slippery slope of a couple’s marriage breakdown often begins by the movement of leaning away from their spouse.  It may be just a subtle hint of attitude but, left unchecked, can make the couple vulnerable to losing their emotional intimacy and open to the temptations of emotional adultery!
What does leaning away look like?
• expressions of frustration due to unmet expectations
• feelings of annoyance or irritation
• fatigue giving way to ungraciousness
• silence
• lack of forgiveness

It takes a deliberate decision to turn from leaning away back to leaning towards our spouse, but the rewards are priceless!
What does leaning towards look like?
• being gracious with one another
• extending forgiveness
• connecting regularly through conversation
• thoughtful expressions of care for our spouse
• being the first to say “I’m sorry”
• regular non-sexual touching
Determine today and say to your spouse…

“I am leaning towards you, heart and soul.

All of me, all for you!”