Kissing Skills Help Spice Up Your Marriage

Kissing Skills Help Spice Up Your Marriage

Good kissing skills help pave the way to passionate sexual intimacy. Biologists and physicians will explain to couples how thousands of nerve endings in our lips are responsible for the remarkable, heightened sensations. We may not understand all the science related to it, but can all vouch for the amazing things that happen when lovers improve what comes naturally! 

good kissing skillsWe need to become better at every aspect of our relationships as husbands and wives. Believe me when I say that even a casual exploration of good kissing techniques reveals all the information anyone needs to get better—-all we need is practice! 

A few thoughts for your consideration:

  • Kissing is the gateway to romance and passion; a tender pathway from one heart to another.
  • Why stop at the lips? Have some fun and experiment!
  • French or deep kissing involves using your tongue to lick, suck and caress your lover’s lips, mouth, and tongue. Again, as mentioned in other places, use your imagination!
  • Husbands, lovemaking must be about pleasuring your wife—not just you! Soft, gentle, and slow are the key words to remember.
  • It is important that you clearly state your likes, dislikes, comfort level, and desires with your spouse concerning every aspect of lovemaking.

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