parenting toddlers and children stage

Keeping Romance Alive through Every Stage of Marriage – Parenting Toddlers and Children Stage

Hopefully couples in the parenting toddlers and children stage are getting more sleep, but their busyness and activity level is still growing! It is very important that steps are taken during this stage to make romance a reality!

The Parenting Toddlers and Children Stage Can Be Easy:

  • Not much easy here! With the establishment of routines and expectations, settling into new roles as mother and father of little ones entirely dependent on your love and care is amazing.

The Parenting Toddlers and Children Stage Can Be Hard:

  • This stage is potentially busier than any other. Increasing demands at home with rearing young children, and increased career demands at this time of life are common.
  • Increased demands and limited time make setting intentional priorities more important than ever before. One of the easiest priorities to put-off is your marriage relationship; it is also the one that is most important.

Tips for Couples in the Parenting Toddlers and Children Stage:

  • Seek out a support group of other couples with children about the age of yours. Mutual encouragement will be a tonic! Make sure the couples are like-minded, wanting to improve their marriage.
  • Set up weekly or bi-weekly date nights. Mark them on your calendar as appointments (like Doctor’s appointments you would not cancel). I have an appointment is a perfectly acceptable explanation when people’s demands crowd in on your schedule!
  • Switch-out babysitting duties with another couple, so that every other week you and your wife can have a date night, with minimum cost.
  • Freely use the other supports (friends, family, parents) in your life to allow you as a couple to get away and focus on your romantic relationship.

Although the Parents of Toddlers and Children Stage is both easy and mostly, hard…the key is to enjoy this stage of your marriage the most!

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