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Keeping Romance Alive through Every Stage of Marriage – Newlywed Stage

The majority of couples who have been married for any significant length of time think how easy marriage was when they were newlyweds compared to the difficulties they are experiencing now. Our response to that kind of thinking…How soon we forget! The newlywed stage is both the easiest and the hardest of all!

The Newlywed Stage Can Be Easy:

  • there are fewer expectations, more freedom, more disposable time and income
  • romantic love comes naturally, life seems to revolves around you
  • there are fewer outside pressures clouding up the decision-making process
  • sex can be frequent with no distractions
  • as a couple you have lots of independence
  • you get to make the rules for your own life
  • life is filled with surprises as you start doing life together

The Newlywed Stage Can Be Hard:

  • you’re learning how to be vulnerable and open with each other
  • because sifting through expectations and responsibilities are difficult
  • since you’re learning about each other as married partners
  • you are making decisions that will have huge consequences later in life
  • effective communication takes a long time to master!
  • sex can be difficult: it’s not just about biology and passion—it’s about intimacy!
  • growing in intimacy takes time and life experiences: so real intimacy is still limited

Tips for Couples In the Newlywed Stage:

  1. Work hard to be honest and vulnerable—learn to communicate clearly and openly
  2. Developing intimacy is the key to success for newlyweds
  3. Intentionally make your partner your priority: it’s easier now than later!

Although the Newlywed Stage is both very easy and very hard…the key is to enjoy this stage of your marriage the most!

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