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Keeping Romance Alive Through Every Stage of Marriage – Empty Nesters Stage

Romance in every stage has its unique rewards and challenges. With couples in the empty nesters stage, it’s the challenge to refocus life from kids and careers back to one another!

The Empty Nesters Stage Can Be Easy:

  • Time is no longer a precious commodity in limited supply
  • The distractions and burdens of children and career have lessened
  • As a couple, you’ve journeyed together and know each other completely; there is a great opportunity to set the course for this new chapter in your lives

The Empty Nesters Stage Can Be Hard:

  • Changing years of focus on kids and career can result in feeling lack of purpose, not being needed, and an identity-drift.
  • With the focus of children now gone, the less-than-ideal marriage relationship will be rocked by lack-of-focus, and perhaps disillusionment


  1. In some ways, you’ve been looking forward to this time all your parental lives. Take the time to reflect on your relationship journey, and honestly assess where you are now.
  2. Outline together what each of you consider necessary to move from where you are closer toward the marriage of your dreams. Don’t stop dreaming now!
  3. Engage in a marriage-retreat where you and other couples can be guided by a facilitator to paint a picture of the next phase of your marriage, and your romantic relationship.

Although the Empty Nesters Stage is both easy and hard…the key is to enjoy this stage of your marriage the most!

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