Just in time for date night/The City of Romance

Just in time for date night/The City of Romance

Did you know? The verdict is in: according to a 2015 survey by Amazon.ca, I’m in one of Canada’s most romantic cities! Guelph, Ontario!

I knew that. It had to be. I live here. 

But in actual fact, Amazon’s rubric for romance is totally sketchy! Their findings are based solely on the retail sales of romance novels, romantic comedies, and songs by Michael Bublé! So, I agree with Amazon’s conclusions—but totally disagree with their method of measurement. 

1. Romance can’t be measured by commerce. 

2. It’s not your pocketbook’s purchase power that determines your romantic potential. 

3. Your romantic potential isn’t influenced by the city you’re in, your monthly budget for romantic novels and CDs, or by the number of red roses you buy your sweetheart! 

Romance is the emotional feeling of excitement, ardour, and enthusiasm kindled through actions and expressions of love.  

How does romance grow? Through the creative intention to please your partner and express your love thoughtfully. Need some help in that department?

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Looking to upgrade your romantic potential or go on a romantic date? Don’t move to Guelph. Your romantic potential can flourish right where you are!