Intimate Passion

Intimate Passion

Rarely will the first kiss and one caress result in intimate passion; most often, intense love and affection need to be gently kindled through mental foreplay.  Sex and intimacy don’t begin in the sexual organs, they originate in the brain! By addressing mental and emotional needs through romancing, cherishing, and relaxation, you’re actually engaging in mental foreplay. And so, by offering breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolates, or even a slow massage—you are paving the way for intimate passion!

Ardor in marriage is a high degree of excitement that occurs by focusing on your relationship, on your lover, and on experiencing the emotional and physical results of total commitment. Just as a magnifying glass can start a fire by focusing light on a pile of kindling, this high degree of excitement is ignited when husband and wife are focused and resolute in their love for each other.

Using the analogy of the magnifying glass, sexual desire happens as a result of other things that are present in your marriage:

  • a high level of understanding, acceptance, and love experienced between two people
  • the tendency to put the spotlight on what is good, and minimize what seems bad in your relationship
  • unconditional commitment to each other
  • romance

When these things are present in your relationship, excitement can burst into flame at any time! Given that romance is one of the key ingredients of passion, let’s highlight one way romance is kindled: with variety, surprise, and spontaneity.

Men, your wives will be delighted, feel cherished, and love you all the more when you express unexpected gestures of love and care towards them.  Ladies, do you want to build romance in your relationships? Husbands will be ecstatic when you surprise them with your creativity in initiating sex!

To all husbands and wives: don’t just resort to what you’ve always done. Be spontaneous! Enhancing romance using the elements of variety and surprise demonstrates to your spouse how you’ve taken the time to prepare and plan something special for them just because of your love!

Excitement and enthusiasm for the short term are easy; fervor for a lifetime requires consistent effort and focus. However, when we consistently promote intimacy, intense love will always be within our reach!