Intimate Conversation

Intimate Conversation

Although “quick and easy anything” rarely works well, here is a tip that is relatively quick and easy but can yield long-term dividends in any relationship: remember the friends and enemies of quality conversation!

When examining the impact of conversation in a marriage relationship, Dr. William Harley, author of His Needs, Her Needs, refers to “friends and enemies” of good conversation.

Friends of Intimate Conversation

  • use conversation to learn and understand more about your spouse
  • develop interest in your spouse’s favorite topics of conversation
  • balance conversation: both sides have to talk and listen!
  • give undivided attention to each other by eliminating distractions like the T.V. and computer. Focus on each other and communicate!

Enemies of Intimate Conversation

  • forcing people to agree with you
  • dwelling on mistakes, past and present
  • using conversation to punish one another

Simply stated, intimacy is developed through conversation. When you are conversing, remember the friends and enemies!