Inspiration for Writing Love Letters

Inspiration for Writing Love Letters

sample-love-lettersWith pen and paper in hand, the young man sits at his desk intending to write a romantic love letter to his wife.  His brow furrows as he thinks and concentrates, searching for the right words. Unfortunately, his mind is blank!

Do you ever find yourself in this situation?   To assist you, we are offering sample love letters to help you with writing yours! The letters are arranged under different categories—but could easily be adjusted for whatever occasions you might need them!

Free Love Letters: Why I Love You!

Dear ________ ,

I’ve just been thinking about you, and reminding myself of some of the reasons why I love you:

You are so kind–I can see that you enjoy being nice to people.
Our lives are interwoven together—I can’t even fathom life without you.
You are so hard-working—never afraid to apply yourself to work hard at something…
How integral you are to our ministry together—and to our influence on others around us.
I am addicted to you! I love being with you, around you, beside you, and close to you.
If I had the opportunity to “do it all over again”, I would!

Dear _________ ,

Confession time: you are “without a doubt” my favourite Team member! (Don’t tell the others, but, yes, it’s true!) Watch the dynamics at the Team meetings: when you speak, everyone listens! Me too! In fact, sometimes, I find myself staring—and then I’m mesmerized! I start fantasizing about touching you, kissing you, and squeezing your beautiful… oh!… Just about this time, I get hot and bothered, and try to refocus and come back to earth.What a valuable addition you are to our team!

You’re smart, sensitive, full of integrity, and a body to kill for (in a manner of speaking!). You love the people on our team, you love administration (whoa, now this is scary!), and you are actually irreplaceable!

Free Love Letters: Just Silly Love Notes!

(This particular letter is silly in that it was written in a spiral shape around the outside of the paper, wrapping toward the centre.)

Dear ________ ,

You are everything I could want in a wife! I LOVE YOU! To quote some semi-famous guy, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!” I love you because…

-of your love for God
-of your smile (especially that flirtatious smile!)
-of your unswerving support
-you take our relationship seriously
-you are so beautiful and sexy
-you can still enjoy the simple things of life (good conversation, lazing in bed for an extra -hour once a year or so)
-you’re a great mother to our kids
-you’re such a hard worker!
-your eyes are green
-you’re so good at everything you do!
-you are willing to converse with me about anything
-you enjoy being and looking “classy”
-you’re readily agreeable to give me a turn, even when you’re not interested in one yourself
-you are beautiful and sexy
-you’re committed to our family being godly
-having the newest and best of things is not important you
-you are a great organizer
-you help me get better by being my favourite administrative assistant
-you can turn me on like a switch and take my breath away
-you have beautiful eyes and other body parts that make my head swim
-you like to tell stories
-you want all of our children to become all God has designed them to be
-you’re interested in our health and well-being
-you always care about doing what’s right
-it’s OK with you that I grope and gawk at you!
-you are so unique and not so concerned about being like other people
-you will talk about things that are important to me, even if they’re not as important to you
-you read stories to the kids
-you are you!

Free Love Letters: I Love…

I Love…

…telling other couples how much I value our relationship

…the way you smile at the baby

…watching you talk to a friend on the phone, and seeing you laugh and smile

…when you take time to have one of those special “mother-daughter” talks with our little girl, Elizabeth

…telling people that you are very gifted, skillful, talented, industrious, sexy, generous, down to earth, sincere, pretty, thrifty, caring for others, responsible, practical, encouraging, conscientious, simple minded (but not a simpleton, mind you!) tenacious, great at remembering phone numbers, aware of our need to encourage others, sexy (did I say this already?), easy to talk to, approachable, loves being with me…

…doing little jobs around the house that I know you don’t like doing; in this way I know I’m really doing them for you and not for me

…it when you pat the couch beside where you’re sitting, and you say, “Want to sit down?”

…laying in bed in the morning, watching you, waiting until you wake up

…when you read from a book to me in bed at night

…bragging about you to my friends

…watching you read my love letters and notes

…to know you are happy and content

…snuggling up to you, wrapping my arms around you, and whispering, “I love you!” in your ear in the middle of the night…when we go to bed early and just snuggle (that’s right…I said, just snuggle!)

…watching you hold one of the children on your lap while you read a story to them

…hearing you sing while working and hanging out in the house

…the wild evenings followed by warm embraces

…when I can sense you are feeling cherished and valued

We hope these free love letters give you inspiration to write your own!