I Used to Struggle With Not Understanding My Wife

I Used to Struggle With Not Understanding My Wife

Sarah and I work together to not only appreciate our differences, but to actually like our differences.

But, I used to resent Sarah’s perspective. Her detailed analysis, her cautious approach to new ideas. She’s a slow decision maker. And honestly, that frustrated me. I wished she’d embrace new concepts, look past the small(ish) flaws in the glorious plans I’d concoct, or be a little more impulsive.

Then, my mentor told me something valuable – it’s completely reshaped the way Sar and I approach our differences.

We’re not just supposed to appreciate each other’s differences, we need to like them.

We work (hard!) to rewire our thinking. Anytime I’m tempted to get bent outta shape over my quibbles with Sarah’s personality, I forcibly remind myself that Sarah’s strengths complement my weakness. Her attention to detail ensures that the wild schemes I throw together actually have a chance at success.

Sarah, you make me awesomer than I could be by myself.