How to French Kiss (Kissing 301)

12 Feb How to French Kiss (Kissing 301)

how to french kissLearning how to french kiss provides an intimate, passionate kiss where partners use their tongues, lips, and mouths. Since God designed both the lips and tongue to be highly sensitive and packed with nerve endings, a couple learning how to French kiss will enjoy an exciting, sensual experience!

Wikipedia defines a French Kiss in the following way: …A passionate romantic or sexual kiss in which one participant’s tongue touches the other’s tongue (or lips) and usually enters his/her mouth.

How To French Kiss

  1. Prepare.
    Always make sure you have fresh breath, clean teeth, and have focused on personal hygiene.
  2. Moisten Lips.
    Rubbing your tongue over your lips is enough—but don’t do it just before you kiss! Using lip balm would be helpful.
  3. Tilt Your Head Slightly.
    As you approach one another for the actual kiss, avoid a nose-to-nose collision by slightly tilting your head to one side.
  4. Begin With a Gentle Closed-Mouth Kiss.
    Slow and gentle are the operative words here! Don’t rush, lunge, or attack! Using variations of soft, brief kisses. Withdrawing slightly and engaging again somewhat tentatively. Closing your eyes as you begin kissing prevents you partner from having to look cross eyed at you!
  5. Begin Touching With Your Tongue.
    While kissing, open your lips slightly, and gently touch your partners lips with your tongue, or tentatively slip the end of your tongue through your partners lips. If your partner does not respond in similar fashion, or if they pull away slightly, you must save your French kissing for another time when your partner is more prepared.
  6. Tongue Exploration. 
    With the assurance that your spouse is enjoying French kissing, try opening your mouth wider and moving your tongue a little more into their mouth. The key is mutual exploration—what does your partner enjoy? Too much, too far, too fast, too wet—all are turn-offs that can make this type of open mouth kissing unpleasant.Because this open mouth kissing produces a lot of saliva, remember to swallow occasionally.
  7. Variation.
    Using a variety of kissing techniques, and being aware of your partner’s responses are paramount. It’s about having fun, and developing intimacy with your husband or wife—so there is no right or wrong! What’s important is your partner’s enjoyment.
  8. The Purpose.
    Mutual pleasure and the development of intimacy are the consequences—but the purpose is to bring pleasure to your partner. It is to demonstrate to your wife or husband that you cherish and honour them.