How Stress Can Improve Your Marriage

How Stress Can Improve Your Marriage

Whether or not stresses pull you apart or make your marriage stronger entirely depends on your ability to connect with your spouse. Thankfully, I get stressed alot – so Sar and I have a wicked marriage. Just kidding. Except for the part about the wicked marriage.

Stress is a pressure cooker, a test of the strength of your relationship. Here’s the deal: our car stresses me out. I perceive it to be unreliable and… well, dumb. I flat out don’t like driving it – especially at high speeds. Yes, I’m aware that I’m hacking my manly image to pieces, but that’s the price of authenticity I guess. When I get stressed, I put pressure on my marriage to Sarah.  And pressure on a marriage isn’t a bad thing, necessarily.

You see, external stress has the potential to create incredibly deep, intimate bonds with your spouse. I promise you that this isn’t the easiest thing to remember when your ’99 Corolla is shaking its way down the highway at 120 km/hr, but Sar helps me remember. We remind one another that stress is a chance to pull together.  We gently remind one another that we’re not each other’s opponent. Rather, we’re each each other’s strongest ally.

We constantly ask one another how we can overcome the odds – together.