Honeymoon Sex Advice

18 Jan Honeymoon Sex Advice

honeymoon sexHoneymoon sex advice may relate to a couple’s first sexual experience on their honeymoon. Considering this, by the time this special night arrives, the newlyweds will have just endured the busiest, most stress-filled day of their lives. It’s no wonder this awesome experience is set-up for disappointment. The best help we can give deals with the fantasy-like expectations that are often “carried over the threshold” into the honeymoon.

Resisting the temptation to give the “one hundred pieces of wedding night advice”, Carrie and I offer just three:

  1. Lower Your Expectations and Relax! Everything in life requires practice: that includes sex. Don’t worry about performance or what you read in fairy tales—just enjoy each other and resist the worries and apprehensions. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect your first night together: you have your whole lives ahead of you to practice and get really good at lovemaking! Focus simply on making your partner happy.
  2. Prepare Yourselves Before Hand. Isn’t it odd that couples will spend thousands of dollars and months of time preparing for the wedding day, and spend very little preparing for the wedding night? Make sure you take pre-marriage classes, and read books designed specifically for engaged couples. On the actual wedding night, set the atmosphere with romantic music, low lights, and no distractions. Take a bath or shower (together is fun!) and enjoy each other!
  3. Talk! This may be the best wedding night advice we can give any couple. Don’t rush sex: take time to talk while you snuggle, cuddle, and kiss. Since awkwardness is the biggest problem on the wedding night, invest time to share your feelings, thoughts, and even fears with each other. Your foreplay should be very slow and long. Talk to each other!

As you look intently into each other’s eyes, say “I love you!” In the openness and intimacy of your first sexual experience, your wedding night will be unforgettable!