Good Kissing Tips (Kissing 201)

Good Kissing Tips (Kissing 201)

good kissing tips
Tips on kissing!? Why should couples in love even bother learning about good kissing tips? Why not simply experiment and learn by trial-and-error? The answer is straightforward: it is such an extremely intimate physical and emotional expression of affection. Good kissing tips can help us gain some confidence, so we can better focus on our partner’s experience, rather than our own self-consciousness.

#1. Setting the Stage

Tips on Kissing #1: Hygiene is Critical!

      It is critical for you to have good teeth, fresh breath, a fragrant scent and attention to personal hygiene! Is this too obvious for you? If so, please understand it speaks to a larger, more important issue: honouring your partner! This motivation cultivates an attitude that makes you highly attractive! However, tips are futile unless they’re accompanied by an attractive, winsome attitude that says, “How can I cherish you?”

#2. Focus on Your Partner

Tips on Kissing #2: This Isn’t Just For You!

      Obviously, kissing is one of the most enjoyable, intimate pastimes a couple can experience. Think about your partner, and not just about what feels good to you! Go slowly; don’t hurry or rush. Relax (as much as you can!), and be aware of how your partner is feeling. Women often appreciate kissing more because of the emotional bond, and not just the adrenaline rush and eager anticipation of more to come.

#3. Use Body Language Effectively

Tips on Kissing #3: Let Your Body Language Speak!

      Your partner may very well respond to your lead: are you relaxed? Begin your kiss with suitable physical contact: drawing close and hugging, snuggling, enjoying the build up of physical and emotional intimacy by close proximity. Before you kiss, smile broadly to communicate to your partner the joy and value you’re experiencing because of them. Gently hold your partner’s face in your hands (don’t cover their ears, some people find that annoying!), or gently place your hands on your partner’s back or sides. Tilt your head slightly, so as your heads approach each other contact is made with lips and not noses!

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good kissing tips

#4. How You Start Matters!
Tips on Kissing #4: Gentle and Slow to Start

      Briefly touch (not attack) the lips, gentle, brief, as you begin, before you start longer kisses. Closing eyes at this point allows you to focus on the sensations of your lips meeting; remember, gentle and simple, lips to lips. Don’t be in a hurry! Most men experience a rush of adrenaline that makes them want to accelerate towards sex. Women, on the other hand, need a much longer time to prepare for sex than men.

#5. Talk, Talk, Talk!
Tips on Kissing #5: It’s About Communication!

      Some types of communication are definitely more enjoyable than others! Yes, you are communicating while you kiss! The non-verbal type is taking place as you kiss, hug, snuggle, and touch each other. Don’t forget the verbal type as well: talk to each other! Expressing love and verbalizing those romantic feelings enhances intimacy on numerous levels: physically, emotionally, intellectually and also spiritually.

#6. An International Flavour
Tips on Kissing #6: French Kissing

      So far, kisses have been with closed lips. By focusing on your partner, you will know how her experience has been to this point based on how she has responded to you. Proceed by tentatively parting your lips, and softly sliding the tip of your tongue along your partner’s lips. Then, gently push the tip of your tongue against your partner’s lips. Do not force your tongue into her mouth: wait, withdraw, and determine your partner’s response.

For more details on French Kissing, see Kissing 301.
Whether you are in a new relationship or been married many years, using these good kissing tips may help you and your partner experience a deeper level of intimacy. Remember, kissing is also an important part of foreplay, so using good kissing tips will also improve you and your spouse’s sexual intimacy.