Fun Sex Ideas

Fun Sex Ideas

For many couples, “fun sex ideas” become the answer to the somewhat predictable and even boring sexual routines couples allow themselves to get into. As with the other dimensions of relationships and intimacy, continuing development requires forethought, initiative, and creativity! Any relationship can become stale and boring if not nurtured and developed; the same is true for the sexual dimension of a relationship–but fun sex ideas removes the boredom factor! It’s important to make sex fun!

As married, Christian couples, we have great latitude and freedom in our sexual expressions of love with our spouse. Outside of the Bible’s clear prohibitions regarding sex and lust, there are many practices and techniques that can bring new excitement to our sex lives.

For further clarification and teaching regarding Scriptural direction, refer to the article: Christian Views on Sex. This article explains the “Good for Both” and “Give and Take” principles, both of which can apply to trying new things like the following!

For adding a little spice to your relationship, why not try one of the following Fun Sex Ideas?!

  • Dice games … “Zilch”: at the end of each round, loser has to take off one piece of clothing!
  • Romantic Edibles …. Whipped cream. Be creative!
  • Change location …. Ever try outdoors or in your vehicle?
  • Change the time of day for having sex …
  • Have an arousing dinner … a private dinner for two, sexy lingerie, candles, feed one another, or use the body as the food platter
  • Skinny Dipping at your private cottage …a sure-fire way of losing inhibitions and ramping up the fun factor!
  • Take a shower together, use body wash to lather each other up; then towel dry one another, brush and blow-dry one another’s hair, and now that you both are all clean ….!!
  • Sexy Lingerie Fashion Show for your husband
  • Strip Tease (Because men are especially turned on visually, this has great potential to make sex fun for the husband!)
  • Candles, music that helps both of you get in the romantic mood
  • Write an erotic letter to your spouse (either hide it under the bedsheet, or read it to them while you begin foreplay)
  • Put on some romantic music, dance, kiss, …
  • Dance for your husband…
  • Use chocolate body paint… that’s right, learn how to make sex fun!
  • Have a box of “Sexy Coupons”. Begin by choosing one coupon and doing what it says.

And we saved the best of the ideas for last! Invest in your marriage! Abolish boredom in the bedroom! Order your copy of the 7-Day Sex Challenge e-book: 7 Day Sex Challenge.

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