fun date night ideas

Fun Date Night Ideas

As far back as 1988, we were looking for fun date night ideas. We had just attended a Marriage Seminar and been encouraged to have weekly date nights to consistently develop our marriage. As a young couple, there were some obstacles to this idea:

  1. We were both over-committed to work and volunteer activities.
  2. Our young children seemed to need our constant attention
  3. Finances were always tight—we couldn’t “afford” to go out or add a touch of romance to our lives.
  4. With the pace of our lives, planning for our “date night” seemed like a big chore.

How to Address the Obstacles to Fun Date Night Ideas
If your lifestyle, budgets, and calendars resemble ours, then perhaps you can benefit from a few solutions that you may not have thought of!

fun date night ideas

Finances Stopping You From Using Fun Date Night Ideas?

  1. Exchange babysitting services with other young couples you know. In this way, you greatly reduce costs.
  2. Rather than leaving home for your date night, turn off all phones, PDAs, and computers and set up a candlelight rendezvous on the floor of your bedroom or basement—somewhere different from where you’d usually sit together and where you can be alone.
  3. Set up a “coins” jar in your kitchen, into which spare change can be emptied from purse and pockets. Saving a few dollars for a snack together heightens anticipation for your date!
  4. Is it time to “call in” some favours from friends and relatives? As a variation of #1, asking friends to participate as part of the Fun Date Night Ideas project might start something very exciting!
  5. Borrow a friend’s rowboat (for a romantic Sunday afternoon paddle in exchange for allowing them to use your riding lawn mower, or borrow your new car! (just an example—you get the idea!)


Are Time and Scheduling a Problem?

  1. Everything worthwhile usually takes a concerted effort to accomplish: it is true with scheduling meaningful, regular date nights. Would you miss a doctor’s or specialist’s appointment? No! You place the appointment on the calendar and everything else works around that appointment. Similarly, schedule date nights—and treat them like doctor’s appointments!
  2. The harder it is to schedule your date nights—the greater potential you have for life-changing great-times together! Make the dates consistent, regular, and fun! The more fun you have, the easier it will be to do it again!
  3. Schedules are always easier to keep when other people are involved. Why not encourage a group of like-minded friends to do the same thing—and interchange giving babysitting services among each other. In this way, schedules are matching and intertwined—everyone depends on each other!
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Check Out These Fun Date Night Ideas!

  1. The standard romantic comedy movie followed by dinner or drinks is still a favourite!
  2. Take 30 minutes in a coffee shop, restaurant, or sitting at a picnic table to write each other a love letter. If the ambiance is quiet and romantic—read them to each other.
  3. Fake a power outage at home! Turn off lights, phones, computers, and everything electric (try throwing the power switch!). You have few options—take out the candles, and huddle around the fireplace and communicate!
  4. For a FREE night out: pick flowers at the side of a country road to give to your love; watch for shooting stars; kiss for five minutes (at a time!)
  5. Take 2 dictionaries together when you go out for coffee or a drink. Make lists of words that could be used to describe your partner. Share your lists with each other—and then look for words that you wish would describe them!
  6. Attend a lecture together, or take a night-school course you know you both will enjoy. Every class you attend will be your night out—make sure you start or finish with quality time together.
  7. Surprise your partner with a night out—as simple as dinner and a movie—but write clues to where your surprise will take place, and hide them in easily accessible locations. Finding the clues and placing them in order will add to the anticipation of and add a touch of romance to the evening.
  8. Radical change is hard to bring about. Introduce the Radical Date Night as an attempt to introduce change one night at a time.
    1. Radical Romance Night: the man plans the date, and must introduce radically romantic elements to the entire evening. The purpose is to go overboard! Flowers, music, special attention to detail, cards, songs, gifts, will all be a part of this evening out.
    2. Radically Thankful Nights: use your time together to clearly communicate areas where you appreciate your wife’s works, efforts, insights and wisdom, knowledge, and skills. Write down the skills she has developed over the years, and comment specifically on her character.
    3. Continue with more dates focusing on going totally overboard on other themes.
  9. A fun date night idea with your partner that will cost a few dollars: go shopping together and gather things that will be contained in your romance box: your personal collection of romantic things to always have in the house.  The idea is to randomly, spontaneously present your partner with something from your box in anticipation of future date nights:
    1. A favourite candy, a romantic card, attractive stationary to write a love note; a sexy card; wine; a series of small gifts… anything to help add a touch of romance!
  10. Find a location for your date night that is secluded enough that you can read to one another. Choose a marriage book that will deepen intimacy like, Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. Take turns reading to each other, and commenting on what you’ve read.
  11. Go out for a dinner together, and use the night to plan a recommitment of your marriage vows! Renewing your vows can take place on significant anniversaries: 5 years, 10 years, etc. Renewing your vows can be as simple as inviting a few people to witness the occasion, or as detailed as asking a minister to administer the vows. This is your chance to do what you wished would have been done the first time around!