Free Marriage Advice!

Free Marriage Advice!

You’re thinking, “What good is free marriage advice?” We’ve all heard that advice is cheap—-but if you will just take our advice to work hard to spice up marriage, you will never regret your efforts! A lot of pre-marriage counseling is devoted to informing couples that they will need to keep working, learning, and developing their relationship after marriage. For most of us, a laziness settles in, and we simply stop working on improving our relationship! We all need to make use of marriage advice to “Spice Up Marriage!”

Here are a few free marriage advice ideas to spice up your marriage.

Don’t just read the list-—put what you read into practice, and watch your relationship improve!

  • Take a marriage enrichment course (together, of course!)
  • Spend time reading a book on romance, or on how to improve your spouse’s orgasms!
  • Get involved in a small group study of a marriage book, or related video series.
  • Approach a couple that you know is having marriage problems, and offer to start a marriage “small group” with them.
  • Mark 3 appointments on your calendar for next week to call your spouse unexpectedly during the day. Your reason? To simply say, “I love you!”
  • Bring home roses (11 red and one white is a classic touch!)
  • Write a series of love letters to your spouse.
  • Plan a romantic get-away.
  • Initiate a weekly husband-and-wife meeting, where you focus on talking about improving your family and relationships.
  • Write a note that describes the specific things you appreciate about your spouse: use adjectives from the dictionary and thesaurus!
  • Post stick-it notes around the house with “I Love You!” on them


Why not check out our list of 30 marriage tips? Having a quality marriage never happens by accident or default: it takes hard work. is one place where free marriage advice will pay off huge dividends-—spice up your marriage!