free love letters

Get Inspired with these Free Love Letters!

The following free love letters are all original to us— non-hallmark, we like to say! They are here so that you can freely “cut and paste”, or use phrases, imagery, and words for your own love letter to that special person.

These free love letters are categorized under topicsbut most of them could easily be adapted to any situation: the key is creativity!

Absence From Each Other

Dear _______ ,

I want your absence to be a reminder to me—reminding me that I love you so much that it hurts when you’re not with me. Strangely enough, it is a kind of hurt that does the heart good—making our times together even more wonderful than before!

It seems the times we are together are so short—yet the few stolen moments we will have with one another will compel us to look forward to the time we will be together forever!

A lifetime together lies shortly ahead; it all seems to be a blessing too great for me to receive!

Perhaps now I should share with you how much I am affected when you tell me that you love me! I can think of nothing else that means more to me than your love; your love has captivated my mind and heart, and in this respect, you have made me your prisoner! I want to pledge to you my sincere, heartfelt affection and deepest devotion.

Dear ______ ,

While I’m writing this note, you’re away…and I’m here thinking about you.

I’m remarking to myself how fortunate and blessed I am to have you as my wife. I feel so happy to be married to you! Even as I write, a smile is spreading across my face attesting to that fact!

I found it difficult in the past (and more so now) to wonder why I would be so blessed as to have you!?

In some ways, I suppose, we are very different from one another; not so much that we are in conflict—but enough to make our life together fresh and dynamic.

I reminisce with fondness our engagement and our first year of marriage; yet, I am enjoying you as my wife at least as much as then—and probably more!

I love you deeply, sweetheart, and desire to make you happy and fulfilled. I so appreciate you and your abilities, your character, your smile, your beauty! You are exactly what I think my wife should be! In fact, you are more than I could have wished for, sweetheart.

Letters to use on Your Wedding Anniversary

Dearest ­­­­_______ ,

Wow! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe that our lives have been interwoven now for ____ years, and we have __ children to prove it! What a journey it has been with all of the ups and downs of life—and yet we have been spared some of the life-altering tragedies that so many face…

It is awesome to consider that although many couples’ love grows cold over time, ours is as strong as ever. I am the envy of everyone who knows me!!

To recount the things about you that make being married to you so easy is pure joy!

My Most Wonderful Wife of ____ Years!

Being married as long as we have–I almost feel like we have a secret that no one else knows about! Remember when you discovered you were pregnant with some of our children and we didn’t tell anyone for a number of weeks. It was kind of exciting to realize we had a secret that no one else knew about! That’s how I feel now. The secret we share is the level and depth of love we have for each other. Imagine it’s like this: I look at you from a distance–say in a crowd of people where you are on the other side of the room–our eyes meet, and we both feel the excitement of the secret!

Over all the years, we have grown together and love each other more than ever before! (How cool is that!)…we’ve been married ___ years! Wow–where has the time gone?! I know I don’t say it nearly often enough, sweetheart–but I love you! May this next year together be my opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to you as you deserve!

Free Love Letters: Plain Romance!

Dear ________ ,

I’ve just been thinking about you, and reminding myself of some of the reasons why I love you:

    You are so kind–I can see that you enjoy being nice to people.

  • Our lives are interwoven together—I can’t even fathom what life would look like without you.
  • You are so hard-working—never afraid to apply yourself to work hard at something; you are a great example for us all.
  • How integral you are to our ministry together—and to our influence on others around us
  • I am addicted to you! I love being with you, around you, beside you, and close to you.
  • If I had the opportunity to “do it all over again”, I would!


We’re Part of the Same Team

Dear _________ ,

Confession time: you are “without a doubt” my favourite Team member! (Don’t tell the others, but, yes, it’s true!) Watch the dynamics at the Team meetings: when you speak, everyone listens! Me too! In fact, sometimes, I find myself staring—and then I’m mesmerized! I start fantasizing about touching you, kissing you, and squeezing your beautiful… oh!… Just about this time, I get hot and bothered, and try to refocus and come back to earth.

What a valuable addition you are to our team!

You’re smart, sensitive, full of integrity, and a body to kill for (in a manner of speaking!). You love the people on our team, you love administration (whoa, now this is scary!), and you are actually irreplaceable!

Silly Notes

(This particular letter is silly in that it was written in a spiral shape around the outside of the paper, wrapping toward the center.)

Dear ________ ,

You are everything I could want in a wife! I LOVE YOU!

To quote from a semi-famous guy, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!”

I love you…

  • because of your love for God
  • because of your smile (especially that flirtatious smile!)
  • because of your unswerving support
  • because you take our relationship seriously
  • because you are so beautiful and sexy
  • because you can still enjoy the simple things of life (good conversation, lazing in bed for an extra hour once a year or so)
  • because you’re a great mother to our kids
  • because you’re such a hard worker!
  • because your eyes are green
  • because you’re so good at everything you do!
  • because you are willing to converse with me about anything
  • because you enjoy being and looking “classy”
  • because you’re readily agreeable to give me a turn, even when you’re not interested in one yourself
  • because you are beautiful and sexy
  • because you’re committed to our family being godly
  • because having the newest and best of things is not important you
  • because you are a great organizer
  • because you help me get better by being my favourite administrative assistant
  • because you can turn me on like a switch and take my breath away
  • because you have beautiful eyes and other body parts that make my head swim
  • because you like to tell stories
  • because you want all of our children to become all God has designed them to be
  • because you’re interested in our health and well-being
  • because you always care about doing what’s right
  • because it’s OK with you that I grope and gawk at you!
  • because you are so unique and not so concerned about being like other people
  • because you will talk about things that are important to me, even if they’re not as important to you
  • because you read stories to the kids
  • because you are you!

This particular letter was part of a large card, entitled “For My Wonderful Wife”. Inside the card, the following comments were written around the perimeter, and in all different directions.

I Love…

  • …telling other couples how much I value our relationship
  • …the way you smile at the baby
  • …watching you talk to a friend on the phone and seeing you laugh and smile
  • …when you take time to have one of those special “mother-daughter” talks with our little girl, Elizabeth
  • …telling people that you are very gifted, skillful, talented, industrious, sexy, generous, down to earth, sincere, pretty, thrifty, caring for others, responsible, practical, encouraging, conscientious, simple-minded (but not a simpleton, mind you!) tenacious, great at remembering phone numbers, aware of our need to encourage others, sexy (did I say this already?), easy to talk to, approachable, loves being with me
  • …doing little jobs around the house that I know you don’t like doing; in this way I know I’m really doing them for you and not for me
  • …it when you pat the couch beside where you’re sitting, and you say, “Want to sit down?”
  • …laying in bed in the morning, watching you, waiting until you wake up
  • …when you read from a book to me in bed at night
  • …bragging about you to my friends
  • …watching you read my love letters and notes
  • …to know you are happy and content
  • …snuggling up to you, wrapping my arms around you, and whispering, “I love you!” in your ear in the middle of the night
  • …when we go to bed early and just snuggle (that’s right…I said, just snuggle!)
  • …watching you hold one of the children on your lap while you read a story to them
  • …hearing you sing while working and hanging out in the house
  • …the wild evenings followed by warm embraces
  • …it when I can sense you are feeling cherished and valued

Then on the back of the card, write…

Dearest ______ ,

I echo the sentiments expressed here—especially the line that reads, “there aren’t enough days in a lifetime with you!” How fortunate and enriched I am to have you, Sweetheart, as my wife!

Even after being married to you close to _____ years, spending time alone with you is as pleasurable as ever! Our friendship and love has not diminished, but deepened; our intimacy means more now than ever.

You, my dear, are a wonderful wife and mother!