One Simple Habit to Practice

Four Reasons To Practice This Simple Habit

At church this morning, I glanced behind me and smiled at our friends, a married couple with a teenager and younger child. I noted that they sat with their two children between them. I wondered to myself, “Were they angry or upset with one another?” They were probably doing just fine, but I was reminded of this: the simple habit of sitting with our spouse can have a positive impact on our marriage.

For Jim and I, whether in the car, at a restaurant, at church, or even around the dinner table, we always sit beside one another. It’s never been a written rule, but we default to it because we enjoy being close! (I’m sure there were many times we sat apart to better supervise our kids when they were little.)

No doubt, this simple habit of sitting with our spouse has benefits.  

Four benefits of practicing this habit:

  1.  You demonstrate the value you place on one another. You feel special, honoured, and loved when your spouse intentionally moves to sit beside you.
  1.  Being in close proximity to one another, you can communicate more easily. There is no need for you to shout across the dinner table! A message can be shared between you by simply leaning in and whispering to one another.
  1.  Non-sexual touch can happen easily whether you hold hands in church, snuggle up close to one another, or steal a quick kiss at the dinner table…yes, in front of the kids!
  1.   An important benefit is that your children are reminded how mom and dad are not just parents, but also a couple who love each other. Kids learn, by example, the importance of a couple valuing one another and prioritizing the marriage.

Talk with your spouse today about picking up the habit of sitting beside one another!