Foreplay Tips

Foreplay Tips

Guys, you’ve read about foreplay tips to use with your wife; they include non-sexual and sexual touching, kissing, intimate conversation, and massage.  Other foreplay tips are in a different category: being helpful in the kitchen, arranging for the kids to be brought to Grandma’s, preparing a luxurious bubble bath complete with candles and music!

Let me clue you in to another powerful foreplay tip!

Jim and I are enjoying a few days away… just the two of us at a lovely resort.  This morning, as I was showering, I thought to myself, “Jim is waiting to use the shower. It would be so great if he happened to use this time to read his Bible instead of scrolling through the channels on the TV.”

When I came out of the shower, I was so pleased to see his open Bible on the bed!  I told Jim about my thought and how important seeing him read his Bible was to me.  Jim teasingly replied, “Would you say that my Bible reading was like foreplay?”  I laughed and said, “Yes!” Seriously, men, your pursuit of godly Christian habits will definitely give your wife the security she needs to open up to you sexually!

A few minutes later, I glanced at the bed and noticed three open Bibles/New Testaments on the bed!  Triple foreplay!