Foreplay Techniques and Tips

Foreplay Techniques and Tips

This article is for men.foreplay techniques and tips

Undoubtedly, there are foreplay techniques and tips that women can apply with their husbands, but let’s face it: men often need more help!

Having said that, we do have to mention that these suggestions work for men and women alike!

T — I — P — S

 T is for TIME

The greatest, most enjoyable things in life are often slow in coming! Taking time is without question the simplest, yet most overlooked ingredient to foreplay techniques and tips!

No doubt you’ve heard the expression, Women are like Slow-Cookers, Men are Like Microwaves. That pretty well says it all!

  • Men, begin by slowly undressing your wife while you—again, slowly—caress her cheeks, arms, and shoulders.
  • Very slowly kiss her on her lips, cheeks, neck, and face.
  • Keep a clock in view—and don’t you dare stop or speed up, until at least 20 minutes have gone by!! SLOWLY

I is for Increased Awareness

The next instalment of our tips for foreplay is also a no-brainer for someone attempting to bolster sexual success. Simple, yet powerful:

Increase your awareness of your partner! Sexual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual Intimacy will never improve if you are self-absorbed, or selfish in your outlook. Rather, increase your awareness of your wife.

Foreplay is not about getting you sexually gratified—it’s all about preparing your wife for the enjoyments of sexual intimacy. Your ultimate goal is your wife’s satisfaction!!

  • What is she enjoying right now? Ask her to verbalize what feels good to her.
  • Take notice of her breathing; carefully watch how her body responds to your touch. This will indicate whether foreplay needs to be prolonged past the mandatory 20 minutes :-).

P is for Pleasure

What’s important to remember here, is that it’s your wife’s pleasure we’re talking about! Never mind your pleasure—things will work out great for you later…

  • Gentle kissing, eventually leading to greater passion, is always a favourite among our foreplay techniques and tips. Read the related articles about kissing:
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  • Talk to your wife, asking what you might do to help her feel good!
  • Question her whether you need to repeat the touch, the kiss, or the caress again
  • Gently talk and get the feedback you need to know you are giving her pleasure. Do what she asks for—not necessarily what turns you on.
  1. Does she want a massage?
  2. Perhaps she gets a lot of pleasure from a hand or foot rub.
  3. Does she like spending time cuddling and kissing?
  4. Compliment her and express your love verbally.

S is for Stimulate

This fourth component of foreplay techniques and tips is critical.

Discover what parts of your wife’s body are sensitive to touch and will stimulate her sexually.  Areas might include:

lips, neck, breasts, nipples, tummy, back, buttocks, and thighs.

Obviously, some of these areas will be pleasurable during foreplay—-others won’t be, so ask!

When your wife is sufficiently stimulated (after 20 minutes of foreplay!), begin gentle stimulation of the clitoris. Every woman is different to some degree, so ask her how it feels and make sure stimulation remains pleasurable for her. Use a side-to-side motion with the three middle fingers of your hand to rub the clitoris; ensure there is plenty of lubrication, and that there is just the right amount of pressure on the clitoris.

  • Time
  • Increased Awareness
  • Pleasure
  • Stimulate

…4 vital ingredients of our foreplay techniques and tips.