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Female Orgasm 101

Anyone interested in a class on orgasms for women? Female Orgasm 101 for example? Although this idea may be a little over the top for some, no doubt some husbands could use some lessons on helping their wives reach a sexual climax! In other words, having some basic knowledge of the physiology and techniques of female orgasms will be most helpful in bringing your wife pleasure.

The point is that focusing too hard on doing what is necessary to reach orgasm may in fact be one of the main contributors to the elusive nature of the female orgasms! Worrying about performing produces a psychological pressure that hinders women from relaxing; both husband and wife can become frustrated.

Sex needs to be an activity that is free of guilt, nagging thoughts from the past, and unspoken expectations that place husband and wife in a state of stress. A fixation or preoccupation with reaching an orgasm places stress on the woman that results in her focusing on performance, rather than focusing on enjoying the attention and affection of her lover.

A key element to this Female Orgasm 101 class is emphasizing that the most important part in a totally exhilarating and satisfying experience, for both partners, is a slow and deliberate period of foreplay, where lovers can tease, play, and entice one another! It’s supposed to be fun: if you’re worried about not climaxing, you’re not approaching sex in a healthy manner.

The female body is a work of art. To fully appreciate male and female climaxes, we must understand the nature of intimacy, and the full range of its implications. Intimacy occurs on four separate yet related fronts: the intellect, the emotions, the spirit, and the body. On each of these fronts, there are attributes (“The Four C’s”) to consider:

  • communication,
  • caring,
  • commitment, and
  • common values

In this way, orgasm is not simply a physiological release of accumulated sexual tension; it is the natural conclusion to a sexual relationship marked by these four attributes.

Orgasm 101 Practical Tips:

    1. Don’t make having an orgasm your goal. If you do, both you and your wife will begin lovemaking with this expectation set up that you are trying to reach. Instead, make the goal the experience of making your wife feel cherished and loved.
    2. Spend lots and lots of time on foreplay! (kissing, cuddling, touching, teasing, did I say kissing?). No less than 20 minutes. An hour is best!
    3. Women have two areas that provide sexual pleasure (erogenous zones): the clitoris and the vagina:

Clitoris: this is the only organ whose sole purpose is to provide sexual pleasure! The areas around the clitoris are highly sensitive; extended foreplay and then stimulation of this area will produce orgasms.

Vagina: the inner area of the vagina is the most sensitive. There is a spot that has caused some confusion over the years, called the g-spot. The g-spot is a zone about two or three inches inside the vagina on the front wall, closest to the clitoris or pubic bone. When aroused, the area swells with blood and becomes rough and raised. This area responds to pressure (not touch), and so deep massaging is the best way to produce an orgasm.

Remember, our Female Orgasm 101 class includes homework!

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