fathers day

Fathers Day and the Attitude of Gratitude

I suppose every father is secretly hoping that Fathers Day will do something to help his relationships with his children and his wife. Most guys are not as emotionally intelligent as their wives (hey, just sayin’…), and relationships, with women, at least, almost always hold a degree of mystery for most men!

It’s true, though, that marriage and family relationships take an up-turn during Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day celebrations. Why? Simply, it’s because our focus is always on the bright side, remembering the good times, and basically trying to be positive and thankful to someone.

Of course, this dynamic doesn’t come into play for those people embroiled in caustic, emotional battles and destructive relationships. No pretty cards, expensive perfume, or chocolate can fix that kind of damage!

What we are saying, though, is that a very simple, yet powerful technique for enriching our relationships—every day of the year—is to adopt a posture of thankfulness. Our kids would sometimes refer to the attitude of gratitude.

Here’s a free suggestion that you can take to the bank: express gratitude for 5 things about your spouse every day, and your marriage and family will change forever!

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