More Creative Valentine Ideas For You to Use All Year ‘Round!

More Creative Valentine Ideas For You to Use All Year ‘Round!

valentines-day-2Let’s examine some creative Valentine ideas. Let’s not just expect to give chocolates and flowers! To be truly inventive, we approach celebrating this “Day of Love” as an opportunity for someone to grow in love and understanding of their partner, exercising unique expressions of that love.

Get to Really Know One Another!
Go on a unique date night with your husband or wife taking along your laptop to a coffee shop with wireless internet. Once there, take time to do some online tests to help you and your spouse discover and get to know one another in ways you may have never tried before!

  • Personality Test-Knowing each other’s personalities will help you relate and communicate effectively.
  • Motivational Gifts Test-Everyone possesses at least one of the seven gifts. Your gift determine your strengths, and the way you interface with the world.
  • Love Languages Test-All of us give and receive love in one of 5 ways. Find out your partner’s love language!

You can’t truly love your partner fully until you know them fully!

Romance Favorites
The Top 100 Romantic Movies Your choice of favorite romance movies speaks very loudly of your preferences in the complex matter of love! Check out Larry’s List and discuss your opinion. After you’ve chosen your favorite, why not rent it, and have a romantic movie night at home?!

PS. Some of our favorite romance movies didn’t even make the “Top 100” List!

Expressions of Love
Take these creative valentine ideas as ways to say “I love you” in that special “media” way!

  • Valentine Text Messages!
    Here’s a cute idea… Check out all the romantic messages you can “text message” to your lover!
  • Valentine Screensavers!
    Send your love a favorite photo of you to use as their computer screensaver, desktop background, or wallpaper to remind them of you whenever they are at their computer!
  • Valentine Video Blog!
    Use your cell phone or video camera to record a special message for your valentine. Upload your video clip to YouTube. Email the link in a special valentine message to your lover! Tell him/her you want the whole world to know of your love!