play together

Couples that Play Together Stay Together

“Couples that play together stay together.”
This proverb packs a lot of truth!

Playing and having fun together helps keep the friendship bond strong between a husband and wife. Life requires a couple to take on plenty of responsibilities: careers, scheduling, parenting, housework, finances, and more. Without times of playing together, couples may not be more than managers of their household and their friendship bond weakens.

What do you and your spouse do together for fun, leisure, and play? Every couple answers that differently according to their unique interests.  It’s important you find fun activities to share to remind you that you aren’t only business or parenting partners or household managers.  You are best friends! Sharing fun, playful times and laughing together helps keep your friendship healthy and strong!

Some couples enjoy playing sports together.  Others enjoy the arts.  Some enjoy leisurely walks through their city or local park. Others enjoy playing board games together.

Let me suggest a recreational activity that you may not have considered as playful.

  • Times of lovemaking are often very passionate and intense.
  • At other times, sex is gentle and sensual.
  • Consider though, that sexual intimacy can also be a time of fun and playfulness a couple enjoys together!

Every married couple needs to have regular times of playing, laughing, and having fun together during times of sexual intimacy.  Sex ought not to be somber, dull, and boring.

If sex isn’t ever playful for you and your spouse, change something! Perhaps you need to consider a different location, position, or routine. Incorporate storytelling or role-playing to give your intimacy a playful spin. Don’t allow sex with your spouse to be “same old, same old” or just another chore on your “to do list”. Healthy sex often includes laughter and fun!

Playful sex between a husband and wife strengthens the friendship bond and ultimately strengthens the marriage!