A Classroom for Couples!

A Classroom for Couples!

This past Sunday afternoon, Jim and I facilitated a “Preparation for Marriage” course.  Our classroom students were 4 couples engaged to be married this summer. Every time Jim and I watch the dvds of the course (we probably have seen them close to 10 times!), Jim and I find ourselves challenged! Even though weʼve been married almost 29 years, itʼs vitally important that we stay teachable and invest in learning how to improve our marriage relationship.


There was one specific lesson that stood out to me from this past Sundayʼs class. It was the importance of spending time together. I have to admit that Jim and I were better at keeping weekly date nights when our children were young than we are now! Back then, we blocked off every Tuesday night for our date night. I recognize how, gradually over time, weʼve allowed other things to get scheduled on Tuesdays and now… regretfully, we donʼt have a regular night thatʼs reserved for just the two of us.

Weʼre going to pull out our calendars and find a regular time that works for us to have our weekly date nights. If we canʼt find one, weʼll make one!

2017 Update (married 35 years):

I’m glad to report that we got back to regular date nights on Monday evenings!

One final note about schooling: if you visit a school classroom, you’ll see bookshelves filled with student resources. We recommend you add good marriage resources to your home study bookshelves. Be sure to include our newly published book:  The Intimate Couple’s Handbook.  It has a wealth of marriage advice with practical steps to deepen intimacy in your marriage!