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Christians and Sexuality

Coupled with the influence of dualism on Christians and sexuality is this concept I’ll call

the “Error in Pairs”. 

I think most of us will agree that society holds a corrupted view of sexuality. The Bible is very clear on the dangers of sexual immorality, both through teaching and by example. We are aware of sexual perversions permeating our culture. Even 2,000 years ago, the Bible told us “Save yourself from this perverse generation”. (Acts 2:40) The Christian response to the immorality around us is to guard ourselves from its evil influence and live pure lives.

christians and sexuality

C.S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity, refers to this dynamic I have coined as the “Error in Pairs”. C.S. Lewis illustrates that a particular kind of sin—an error—causes us to be repulsed and pushed back. We naturally “move away” because it is wrong and sinful, and inadvertently we back up right into the opposite (but equally wrong) error! As we back away from the sinfulness of sexual immorality in our society that says “If it feels good, it’s okay”, we easily back into the opposite error that states, “Sex is taboo, don’t even talk about it!” And so, we have the Error of Pairs! Both of these opposite views are wrong! It’s no wonder that Christians and sexuality ideas are confused.

God designed sex for marriage; He designed it so husband and wife could reach a level of intimacy (emotionalintellectualspiritual, and sexual) that would be almost heavenly!

Many Christians and sexuality concepts are influenced by the philosophical thought of dualism and the “error in pairs” in their views of sex. This unbiblical thinking produces faulty ideas among Christians:

  • Yes, God made sex, but we’re better off not talking about it.
  • Sex is meant to be private; talking about it so much just cheapens sex.
  • Young couples engaged to be married don’t need much help—let them just explore and discover what sex is all about after they’re married.

Keeping sexuality “in the dark” may seem reverent to some, but it produces misunderstanding, misinformation, and barriers to intimacy. We celebrate the things that we value. We are not afraid to talk about and discuss God’s good gifts; why not sex?!

Christians and Sexuality

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