Christians and Sex

A Mismatch or Designed by God?

Unfortunately, Christians and sex are two words that are not usually thought of as being comfortable together! Wrong thinking about what the Bible really says concerning Christians and sex has totally misrepresented God’s intention and design! Remember, sex was God’s idea!

Wrong Thinking Introduced

Early in the formation of the Catholic Church, St. Augustine—one of her greatest theologians, exerted a powerful influence on the thinking of Christians that is still felt today. Unfortunately, he was all wrong!

Some Facts about Augustine

  • He was born in Algeria in 354 AD.
  • He had a Christian mother, Monica, and a pagan father.
  • Augustine rejected the Christianity of his mother, and traveled from North Africa to Rome where he pursued philosophy.
  • He met a young lady who would be his mistress for 10 years; they “loved one another deeply and found great pleasure in one another’s arms”; she bore him a son.
  • His pursuit of truth led him to study the philosophies of his day, and was deeply effected by dualism.
  • Dualism contends that the universe is divided into two distinct arenas: the corruptible world of matter, including appetites of the flesh (body), and the pure immutable world of spirit.
  • The mind and body are separate, with the mind being trapped in a wicked, flawed, sinful flesh.

Augustine’s Conversion

Then, at the age of 35, Augustine was miraculously converted, and became a Christian! He left his mistress, and turned his back on everything sexual. Augustine’s decision to become celibate still affects Christianity today! Chastity became a recurring theme in his writings.

Being so profoundly affected by dualism, he brought this philosophy of life and mingled it with Christianity. As a result, the Greco-Roman world’s ideas crept into his theology. This is why, according to Augustine, Christians and sex did not get along very well with each other!

  • Augustine held a deeply pessimistic view of the human sex drive:
    • The pleasure of sex was the very mark of human sin.
    • The only possible justification for sex was the procreation of children.
  • Augustine rejected sex as part of the loving bond between man and wife.
  • Though his opinions about sex were only a small part of his writings, they hugely impacted Christian thought.

What the Bible Really Teaches About Christians and Sex

  • There is no dualism in Christian teaching.
  • Sex is not inherently sinful. It was designed for a committed monogamous relationship called marriage.
  • Celibacy is a valid option for some, but one of the very first commentaries God made about humanity was “It is not good to be alone”, and He designed marriage.
  • The Bible reveals that sex is a gift from God and is fun! (see the Old Testament book “Song of Solomon”)
  • The New Testament teaches that husband and wife should regularly enjoy sex together, and not deprive each other of sex. (see the New Testament book of First Corinthians 7:2)

Yes, sex is perverted in the media. Yes, we live in an immoral, sinful, and sex-saturated society. However, that doesn’t change the truth: sex was designed for marriage; within the sacred confines of that monogamous relationship, husband and wife can experience Heaven on earth! Yes, Christians and sex do go together! 

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