celebrate love

Celebrate Love in Your Marriage!

As Jim and I raised our 9 children, we adopted a way to help us celebrate milestones in their lives.  The “Blue Plate” was a modest ceramic dinner plate decorated with the words “Special Person”.  It was set out at mealtimes whenever there was an occasion to celebrate!  Ask any of our kids and they’ll remember eating their dinner from the blue plate …

• on their birthdays
• on the day they learned to ride a bicycle
• when their annual dentist visit reported “no cavities”
• when they made a significant “achievement”
• after one of their siblings nominated them for a kind or noble deed

The meal would begin with giving thanks followed by a special announcement from Jim that might go something like this: “In honour of Michael’s learning to ride a bicycle today, he has received the special person plate!  Let’s all give 3 cheers for Michael!  Hip hip hooray! …”

Here’s a thought:  let’s be intentional looking for unique reasons to celebrate our marriages! Of course, there are the traditional times of wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas.  In addition, be creative to invent other important milestones and fun days! Here are just a few ideas:

• Anniversary of our engagement date
• Celebrating how much I love you!
• Today we’ve been married 100 days (select any number to fit the celebration!)
• Let’s celebrate how beautiful you are!
• We’re celebrating the fact that you are so romantic.
• It’s the anniversary of our first kiss!
• Just because!

Being intentional about celebrating helps us realize we really do have lots of reasons to party with our spouse!