31 Jan Bedroom Items Parents Should Use

Here are a Few Bedroom Items Parents Should Use to Manage Parenting and Sex Lock on the bedroom door. White noise machine such as a fan or a radio moved near the bedroom door. A ringer off switch on the bedroom phone. A private (lockable) drawer, box, or cupboard for...

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31 Jan Sex Up Sexual Boundaries

Your kids need to understand that both parenting and sex are important. They already see how you have made parenting a priority. But they also need to respect the time you give to yourself and your husband. Set up sexual boundaries...

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31 Jan Be Creative in Fitting in Both Parenting and Sex

Be Creative in Fitting in Both Parenting and Sex If your children are infants, plan to have sex during naptime. Bring the children to Grandma’s while you run back home and make love. Trade an overnight stay for your kids with friends who have children. This will give...

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30 Jan Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself first and you will be a better wife and mother and ensure great parenting and sex! Loving mothers pay attention to their sexual lives. Here are a few suggestions for you to take care of yourself: Subscribe to caller display and then, don’t...

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30 Jan Recharge Your Sexual Desire

Recharge Your Sexual Desire So You Can Continue to Enjoy Both Parenting and Sex Have sex! Great sex energizes rather than depletes you. Guard your thoughts. The mind is your major sex organ! Replace thoughts of boredom, fatigue, and fear with excitement, energy, and confidence. Buy sexy underwear...

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parenting and sex

30 Jan Parenting and Sex

Are you a mom of young children who finds parenting and sex a challenge? Motherhood is often a challenge in itself whether you are battling fatigue from any (or all!) of the following: sleepless nights with a newborn infant breastfeeding, burping, and diaper changing your...

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