Marriage Preparation

12 Feb Pre Marriage Counselling

Pre Marriage Counselling is more necessary than ever before! Consider a woman starting a business that would involve investing heavily both financially and time-wise, with the understanding that at least half of the people that start similar businesses end up bankrupt? Compounding this, she decides she...

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18 Jan Honeymoon Sex Advice

Honeymoon sex advice may relate to a couple's first sexual experience on their honeymoon. Considering this, by the time this special night arrives, the newlyweds will have just endured the busiest, most stress-filled day of their lives. It’s no wonder this awesome experience is set-up...

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09 Nov Are We Compatible?

Every new couple must honestly ask the question, "Are we compatible?" Of the many fundamental factors influencing compatibility, values, perspectives, and life goals are among the most important. Since relationship break-up will often be a result of compatibility issues, all pre-marriage counseling should examine the core...

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