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female orgasm

30 Jun Female Orgasm 101

A key element to this Female Orgasm 101 class is emphasizing that the most important part in a totally exhilarating and satisfying experience, for both partners, is a slow and deliberate period of foreplay, where lovers can tease, play, and entice one another! ...

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01 Feb Sexual Confidence for Women

Sexual Confidence is achieved when love, passion, and proficiency work together! This article addresses achieving sexual confidence (written by me, Carrie, for women!), especially if you are a woman feeling awkward about the idea of visiting our website and reading the articles that will help you become...

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parenting and sex

30 Jan Parenting and Sex

Are you a mom of young children who finds parenting and sex a challenge? Motherhood is often a challenge in itself whether you are battling fatigue from any (or all!) of the following: sleepless nights with a newborn infant breastfeeding, burping, and diaper changing your...

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12 Feb Sex Tips for Women to Use as Foreplay

Our 30 sex tips for women will allow wives to bring their husbands to new heights of sexual arousal! And, amazingly, while using these foreplay tips, wives will find themselves more easily aroused too! It's been widely understood that women need more foreplay to become aroused for sex....

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