06 Jun The Power of Great Conversation

Last evening, Sarah and I spent some time with friends of ours. After a few drinks, and as the evening matured, our conversation turned to things that were deeper than your usual dinner party fare: we talked about sex, our marriages, and we took turns...

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23 Apr As Nike Says… Just Do It!

“How can I respond correctly when I am offended or irritated by my spouse?  My inclination is to turn away or argue but I know that won’t benefit our relationship!” A husband and wife, though “in love” with each other, will have moments of misunderstandings and...

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17 Feb Intimate Conversation

Although "quick and easy anything" rarely works well, here is a tip that is relatively quick and easy but can yield long-term dividends in any relationship: remember the friends and enemies of quality conversation! When examining the impact of conversation in a marriage relationship, Dr. William...

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