Carrie’s Update: Monday, September 12, 2011, 6 pm.

Carrie’s Update: Monday, September 12, 2011, 6 pm.

Dear Readers,

As expected, Carrie’s recovery is coming along well, and she could now be moved from ICU as soon as a bed becomes available in the observation ward. She sat up in a chair for her meals and has been awake a little bit longer today.

As I type, Carrie is beside me in a chair, editing my comments and adding her own. From now on, these updates will definitely be ours.

With the head bandage removed, it is somewhat noticeable that Carrie’s hairline has receded a few inches on her right side, with 39 stainless steel staples providing unique accessories for the new coiffure!

We are so grateful to Jesus that headaches have subsided, and vital signs are near the normal levels.  Since last Thursday, Carrie has experienced double vision and has been using a patch to keep one eye closed, but in the last few hours, she has noticed that it is definitely improving! Someone must be praying 🙂

Actually, we’d both like to say “Thank You!” again for your prayers and kind deeds! Through it all, we are amazed at the grace of God and love of Jesus for us and for our family!

– Jim and Carrie