Carrie Update: Sept 13

Carrie Update: Sept 13

Carrie continues to feel well.

Tests have indicated there are subtle changes in her condition:

  • Some constricting of blood vessels is occurring (vasospasms)
  • There is a slight diminishing of strength in her left arm (reflecting on the right side of the brain where the operation occurred)

To adjust to the changes, the doctors are attempting to increase Carrie’s blood pressure so that the blood vessels in the brain will exert more pressure and not contract.

We are reminding ourselves that all we need has already been provided for us through Jesus’ work on the cross! (2 Peter 1:3; 1 Peter 2:24). Thinking of this, I have a picture in my mind of the overflowing grace and favour of Jesus pouring like a waterfall on to Carrie in her hospital bed!

We are gratefully anticipating great things: thank you so much for your prayers!

– Jim