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04 Sep Understanding Women in Relationships

Men commonly complain that understanding women in relationships is well-nigh impossible. Have you seen the book entitled What Men Know About Women? When you open the book, you find all the pages are completely blank! Guys, there is hope! Here are three keys to help in...

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29 Jul The Power of Intimacy

  What does a wife do when her husband is secretive about an issue and resistant to talk about it openly? Here are a few thoughts: 1. Self-esteem and being valued are high on the husband’s list of needs; therefore, it’s important that, generally speaking, nothing is done...

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10 Jul Don’t wait; invest now!

Don’t wait; invest now! Everyone wants to invest: some want secure investments, others want investments with more risk—but everyone knows it’s smart to invest! We agree. Let’s invest in something that has an unbelievable ROI (return on investment): our marriage! Some people invest money at the end of...

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