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11 May The Air We Breathe

Do you ever think how a deep breath of fresh air can be so exhilarating? Pausing to take a deep breath in wide open spaces seems to make us more alert to our surroundings and more grateful to be alive! Encouragement is like that breath of...

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26 Apr Seriously—Humour Works!

Well, I had this love letter I had to write—um, wanted to write. It took a bit to get into the flow of inspiration, but once I was in it, I was waxing eloquently and thought I’d describe in vivid detail the experience of orgasmic...

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practice love letter writing

25 Apr Practice What You Used to Do

Recently during a marriage counseling session, I encouraged a husband to practice doing what he used to do when he was engaged to be married, and madly in love! Habits and attitudes that foster respect, romance, and tenderness are easily left behind as the years...

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23 Apr As Nike Says… Just Do It!

“How can I respond correctly when I am offended or irritated by my spouse?  My inclination is to turn away or argue but I know that won’t benefit our relationship!” A husband and wife, though “in love” with each other, will have moments of misunderstandings and...

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15 Apr Why am I having sex if I’d really rather not?

Have you found yourself wondering this very same thing?  I know. I know.  I have sex with Jim because I know he wants it and needs it and it's good for me, as his wife, to make myself available to him. I must admit, I'm...

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12 Apr Highly Impractical Romance

A loooong time ago, Sarah and I watched this tres cheesy movie. It was actually kind of funny: at one point, the main character breezed into his love interest's office in a whirlwind of rose petals, champagne bubbles, and flowery language. With a quick sweep of...

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12 Apr What Husbands Want

OK, let’s indulge our God-given fantasies for a moment… What would every Christian husband desire in his marriage if he could have his wish? He’d ask for a wife who loves God, who loves him, and who loves sex!   Is that too much to ask?   This may be...

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07 Apr Is There One Key to Success?

When you’re talking about marriages, it takes two to tango. True success in any relationship is always achieved through the hard work of both partners! That being said, I’d like to offer an observation I’ve seen again and again: a husband that loves his wife...

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05 Apr Say It With Flowers

This morning while at work, Jim surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful orange mini-carnations.  He was thoughtful enough to also bring an empty vase from home to put the flowers into! Sure, the flowers brought cheer to the office, but even more so, they made...

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