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20 Oct Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Sexual intimacy in marriage is critical to a healthy, happy relationship between husband and wife. Along with the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects, God designed husband and wife to enjoy the experience of sexual intimacy in marriage: intimacy, as we’ve just defined it, is the ultimate human...

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08 Oct Emotional Intimacy in Marriage

A soulmate connection is a phrase that sometimes defines emotional intimacy. It describes a deep bond between a husband and wife that may be referred to as love talk. There are those who distinguish between the two by assuming emotional intimacy is developed, whereas a...

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13 Sep Carrie Update: Sept 13

Carrie continues to feel well. Tests have indicated there are subtle changes in her condition: Some constricting of blood vessels is occurring (vasospasms) There is a slight diminishing of strength in her left arm (reflecting on the right side of the brain where the operation occurred) To adjust to...

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