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07 Sep Romance is the Best

Romance, the language of love! Is there anything sweeter to receive than romantic advice? Well, that depends on whether you're a man or a woman! For most men, romance is the doorway to intimacy that will (hopefully!) lead to sex. On the other hand, most women would...

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15 Aug Inspiration for Writing Love Letters

With pen and paper in hand, the young man sits at his desk intending to write a romantic love letter to his wife.  His brow furrows as he thinks and concentrates, searching for the right words. Unfortunately, his mind is blank! Do you ever find yourself in this situation?   To...

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12 Feb Sex Tips for Women to Use as Foreplay

Our 30 sex tips for women will allow wives to bring their husbands to new heights of sexual arousal! And, amazingly, while using these foreplay tips, wives will find themselves more easily aroused too! It's been widely understood that women need more foreplay to become aroused for sex....

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date night idea

12 Feb Sex Frequency and the Calendar

Prioritize sex frequency by making an appointment on your calendar for “times of intimacy”. This may be the first step toward strengthening your relationship as a couple. Why not mark sex on the calendar (in code!). It will be a date to remember! Is your life...

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12 Feb Enhance Sex with the Use of Sexual Aids

Sexual aids are tools to enhance sex and improve your sexual techniques with your partner. They are a fun and enriching part of a satisfying sex life. Most couples think of sex toys when referring to marital aids, but be sure you make use of our list...

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