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10 Jan Ten Creative Valentine Ideas

Creative Valentine Ideas can jump-start the romance in your relationship! That being said, we must resist the one-size–fits-all mentality, and recognize that one person’s romantic turn-on may be another person’s turn-off! Some wives love roses and others detest them—so you have to determine what your...

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09 Nov Are We Compatible?

Every new couple must honestly ask the question, "Are we compatible?" Of the many fundamental factors influencing compatibility, values, perspectives, and life goals are among the most important. Since relationship break-up will often be a result of compatibility issues, all pre-marriage counseling should examine the core...

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07 Nov Romantic Ideas for Men to Use

Typically, men don’t want to stop for directions; neither are romantic ideas for men such a popular topic! Men and romance are not words we naturally think of as being associated! That being said, we must not paint every guy with the same brush (I, for...

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