christian marriage advice

Biblical Marriage Counseling

Biblical marriage counseling, as opposed to other types of counseling, is simply applying the values and principles that are taught in the Bible to marriage relationships. This Christian marriage advice, then, begins with fundamental truths, some of which are listed below:

  • Marriage is a covenant, not a contract, and was designed by God
  • Whenever possible, restoration of broken relationships is the goal
  • In marriage, the husband seeks to meet all the needs of his wife; the wife seeks to meet all the needs of the husband
  • The Bible is the ultimate authority on effective relationships—especially within marriage
  • The biblical pattern, for both a husband and a wife, is to sacrifice in order to pursue the well-being, joy, and happiness of their spouse


Essentially then, marriage counseling that is biblically based involves taking a couples’ difficulties, and attempting to apply appropriate Scriptural principles.


biblical marriage counselling