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Beyond Ordinary: Book Review


Justin and Trisha Davis have opened their lives and souls for us that we may benefit from the pain of their journey. In fact, their story is so compelling, so powerful, that you will be drawn into the fabric of their lives. Though you may begin as a sideline observer, very soon after you pick up Beyond Ordinary you will experience a connection with Justin and Trisha that makes you think, ‘Wait! This is my story!’

Although the facts of Beyond Ordinary may not include the same details as your personal journey, Justin and Trisha’s exploration of the depths of their inner brokenness resonates with all of us. This is not simply the journey of two people in a marriage; it is the record of two broken souls finding wholeness in Christ and healing in their marital relationship.


Every couple would do well to consider Beyond Ordinary as a must-read! This deep, gripping narrative is also a teaching tool we must all learn from!


Visit Justin and Trisha’s Refine Us website for more information and help for your marriage.

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