student of your spouse

Be a Life-Long Student

As a very young student, my first arithmetic lesson was   1 + 1 = 2.   From there I learned how to add larger single-digit numbers together.  I was so excited thinking I had mastered addition! How naïve!

What about adding 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers or working with decimals, fractions, or the important concept of how to “carry”? Hmmm. As well, arithmetic includes subtraction, multiplication, and division!  Then there was the unique concept of working with negative and positive numbers.

To be successful in life, I needed to learn more than basic addition.  I needed teachers to explain all the other aspects of mathematics.

When I consider marriage, it seems simple enough.  The basics are that I love Jim and he loves me!  If we accomplish that, we’ve mastered marriage, right? Probably not!

I’d like to challenge you to never stop learning! Here are just a few ways to get more educated regarding your marriage relationship:

  • Look up websites and articles about love and marriage
  • Research ways to include more romance
  • Study how to have better sex
  • Investigate the topic of love languages
  • Be a student of your spouse, ie
    • How does he prefer to relax?
    • What is her favourite ________?
    • What are his interests?
    • What are her dreams for the future?
  • Ask other couples how they make marriage work
  • Find out what to avoid and stop doing
  • Delve into how to improve communication

Your marriage has the potential to be an “I never thought it could be as good as this” type of relationship! But it will take your ongoing investment and commitment to getting educated and then applying what you learn!