As Nike Says… Just Do It!

As Nike Says… Just Do It!

“How can I respond correctly when I am offended or irritated by my spouse?  My inclination is to turn away or argue but I know that won’t benefit our relationship!”

A husband and wife, though “in love” with each other, will have moments of misunderstandings and disagreements, miscommunication and maybe even hurtful words shared between the two. During those times, a natural response might include:

  • arguments
  • accusations
  • giving the “cold shoulder treatment”
  • silence
  • complaining under my breath
  • pretending everything is okay

(Any of these responses needs to be followed up with a sincere apology, hugs, kisses, and making up!)

“So, what is the proper response at times I would otherwise be irritated and bothered? And how do I give the proper response?”

Remember, the golden rule? Treat others (your husband/wife) as you would like to be treated!  The next time your spouse says something, does something (or not) that irritates you, try these responses:

  • just let it go!
  • focus on something you appreciate about your spouse
  • count to 10 to help you calm down before saying anything
  • find something positive to say about the “situation”
  • consider that this irritation won’t make any difference a year, month, day from now so why make it such a big deal!
  • smile and say nothing!
  • give your spouse the benefit of the doubt
  • be gracious and forgiving


“Okay, so I know how I should respond but that’s not always easy to do!”

Don’t look for a simple set of steps to follow or a quick and easy fix!  It’s basically a matter of determining that you want to change, asking God to help you, and then “Just Doing It!” As you respond properly more and more often, you will break the bad habits of arguments and accusations.  Instead, your good choices will help develop intimacy in your marriage despite those bothersome irritations.

Just do it!