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Appreciation … Your Way to a Great Marriage!

  • appreciation  [uh pree shee ey shun]
  • gratitude [grat i tood]
  • thankful [thangk ful l]

Unfortunately, we all know (and tend to avoid) people who are unappreciative. They are easily recognized by how they…

  • rarely say “thank you”
  • take others and what they do for granted
  • live with an attitude of entitlement
  • believe “I’m owed”

On the other hand, all of us are drawn to those who are in the habit of expressing gratitude! These are people who don’t live with an entitlement mentality or take others for granted.

Now, imagine being married to someone like that who is grateful for you! Someone who

  • constantly points out the positive contributions you bring to your marriage
  • praises you for your acts of service
  • recognizes your depth of care and expression of excellent character
  • sees the strengths and potential in you that you don’t
  • treasures you as God’s gift!

What marriage wouldn’t thrive with an appreciative partner like this? Why don’t you be that partner?

Start today by listing 5 reasons you appreciate your spouse. Most importantly, share that list with him/her.  Then watch your appreciation for one another grow!