And the Prize Goes to….!

And the Prize Goes to….!

Last year around this time, Carrie won the “Most Wonderful Mother in the World” contest.  

Let me explain. A local women’s clothing store was holding a Mother’s Day contest with a $200 shopping spree as the prize.  Almost all of our 9 children submitted entries explaining why Carrie was the “most wonderful mother”.  Of course, she won–not only because she deserved the designation, but perhaps also by the sheer volume of “nominations”!

Understanding that Carrie would probably win every year, the clothing store exercised some creativity and asked her to be a judge for this year’s Mother’s Day contest!

Listening to my wife read some of the contest entries makes me realize two things:

1.  It’s a great exercise taking time to express why we are grateful for others… (especially our wives and mothers).

2.  Carrie is still the best mother!