Giving a Full Body Massage

Giving a Full Body Massage

The benefits of giving a full body massage are many and varied:

  • relieve stress built up in muscle tension
  • promote relaxation and the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and, at the same time, stimulate muscle tone and alleviate muscle pain

Massaging your spouse also:

  • enhances the body’s range of motion
  • improves breathing, overall sense of well-being, and blood circulation
  • accelerates health and healing
  • is a wonderful preparation for sex
  • helps the body release oxytocins (“the hormone of love”)

The development of intimacy through touch is profound; consequently, giving full body massages is a must for couples pursuing ever-increasing intimacy.

A – Atmosphere and Mood

Setting the right atmosphere and mood is crucial to promote relaxation. Consider the following:

  1. Set a comfortable room temperature and eliminate drafts
  2. Remove potential distractions: turn off phones, pull the drapes, and take away possible irritations.
  3. Play soothing, romantic music.
  4. Dim lights and use lightly scented candles.

B – Basic Toolsfull body massage

Some basic tools for giving a full body massage include:

  1. A firm surface – so the body’s muscles can be fully supported. Obviously, a massage table is ideal – but using a firm bed or the floor with appropriate pillows or towels for comfort will also work.
  2. Towels – for head support, if necessary, or for warmth in the event of coolness or draft
  3. Massage Oils – lubricants or lotions to apply (put on the hands first to warm it up!) for aiding a smooth glide. If your partner is adverse to oils, use talcum powder.
  4. Time – Giving a full body massage cannot be rushed, and should be done slowly.

C – Central Techniques

Central techniques for giving a full body massage involve applying firm and even pressure.

Where to Massage

Begin on her shoulders and work up to the neck. The area between shoulders and neck often requires rubbing and kneading—use your thumbs here—to help remove tension that often resides here. Move down both arms to include her hands. When finished, return to her back then buttocks, then begin working the tops of her legs separately, kneading each one. Move to the calves, and then down, spending lots of time on her feet. Start with deep, slow pressure and move up to the toes—careful on the soles of the feet—then in between her toes.

How to Massage—Different Strokes for Different Folks!

Here are a few types of strokes and ideas to use depending on where you are massaging:

  • Kneading: squeeze the skin and muscles firmly, gently, and rhythmically.
  • Circling hands: applying oil when necessary, use your hands to make circular motions.
  • Continuous touch: once you have started the full body massage, do not remove both hands at the same time; you will break the touch bond with your wife.
  • Pressure: focus on large muscle groups; shoulders, neck, back, and legs. Use firm and even pressure—not too forceful.
  • Don’t apply pressure directly to her spine. Don’t pinch. Don’t tickle.

In giving a full body massage, remember to massage in a way you would want to be touched and, if your wife falls asleep, congratulate yourself! You have given a wonderful full body massage!