Romantic Invitation for Your Spouse

Romantic Invitation for Your Spouse

Why not surprise your spouse with a ROMANTIC invitation to a party just for the two of you?! This is a creative way to make time to celebrate your love! Valentine’s Day and Christmas time can be made special for you and your spouse with just a bit of creativity!

Pick up a “You are Invited…” card from your local card shop or make one from your own stationery. Using a free online party invitation tool could be fun too!


romantic invitation

When you make the romantic invitation…

Think romance, love, and sexiness when personalizing the invitation. Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

“You are invited to our bedroom for…”

  • a delicious dessert with chocolate and whipped cream
  • a fun game of ???
  • a movie night watching your favourite romantic love story
  • a full-body massage given by me!
  • cuddling and kissing and lovemaking!

Are you artistic? Why not design your own romantic invitation card.

Do you prefer to use Hallmark cards? Go ahead … and add the “You are invited…” info inside the card to give your spouse a surprise that is sure to bring a smile!