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52 Short Love Notes to Romance Your Wife With!

Are you looking for inspiration for writing short love notes? Are you looking for help expressing romance to your loved one? Take a moment to read this sample note.

Dear Sarah,

I’m so proud of us; our friendship, the kindness we share between us, and the small sacrifices we make for one another that secretly mean the world to us. I’m so grateful to have found you, to be privileged to share this life with you. You are the sum and source of my joy.


My name is Josh Gordon and I wrote a short love note to my wife for every week of the year! My wife felt valued, appreciated, and special when she received them. We both believe that every couple should exchange sweet messages that are as uplifting and encouraging as the ones we share with each other.

Sarah and I decided to put the 52 mini-loveletters into an e-book with the goal of inspiring other couples to romance. We suggest taking the letters in this e-book and adjusting or modifying them to fit your specific needs.

  • Scribble a short love note to your honey on the back of a napkin
  • Scrawl one onto a steamy mirror
  • Carve it into the top of the freshly opened peanut butter
  • Add one to the inside of a purchased card
  • Or use some special stationery you’ve purchased specifically for romantic love letters!

The key is to take your loved one by surprise! Short love notes left in inconspicuous places for your hubby or lovely wife to find can be amazingly romantic.

Imagine a collection of 52 loveletters to use throughout the next 52 weeks! This resource is yours for $12… that’s only 25 cents per week (quite a value when you compare with Hallmark!)

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Sarah and I want this resource to be something that you’re blown away by! We are confident that it will inspire and motivate you to be a better husband, wife, or partner. In fact, if you’re not happy with this collection of short letters – or even if you’re marginally satisfied, we’ll completely refund your cost, no questions asked, no small print, no strings attached.

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